David L. Middlebrooks born May 3, 1989 - Died November 22, 2009

Our son joined the United States Army in July 2007, and upon completion of Basic, was assigned to the 1st Cav. Division at Ft. Hood, Tx.  When he informed us that he was being deployed to Iraq in June of 2008, our hearts dropped.  Although we tried to be positive and optimistic, the fear of losing our son in harms way was always present in the back of our mind.  We lived in a rural area with a long driveway, and the nearest neighbor was about a mile away.  Everytime strange headlights appeared down our drive, it seemed like my heart would stop, so we were so releaved when our son returned home safe and sound from his year long deployment.  We had prayed for his safe return and our prayers had been answered.  Little did we know, he was still in a combat zone. 


On the evening of Sunday, November 22, 2009, my son's two younger sisters and I had just came home from chruch that evening and noticed headlights coming down our long driveway.  As they approched closer, I realized that it was a military vechicle. My nightmare of the military coming to give us such heartwrenching news was coming true.  At that time, my husband lived and worked out of town and would normally return home on the weekends, but this particular weekend he hadn't come home due to work.  The Military Chaplain had to tell me that our son was murdered by another soldier.  Our life had came to a complete hault, and my husband had to travel 6 hours knowing that his only son was murdered by another soldier.  My son's youngest sister at that time was 17, and  just getting ready to graduate high school.  She was looking forward to going to college with her brother.  And his other youngest sister couldn't wait for him to come and practice with her for softball.  He was due to be discharged from the Army within months, and had plans to return home to be with his family and attend college.  

As the days followed, family and friends comforted us the best they could, but the pain was immense.  I've always heard grieving parents say that no parent should have to bury their child, but now I truly felt their pain.  If it hadn't been for our faith in God, I don't believe we would have made it through the tragedy.  

Today, almost four years after losing our precious son, not a day goes by that he's not in our thoughts.  We long for his beautiful smile, great sense of humor, wisdom, and even goofyness.  The only satisfaction we have is knowing he is with us in spirit, and one day, when our time on this earth is complete, we will be reunited with him.   Until then, we only have the wonderful memories of beautiful, kind and brave son.  

God Bless  

Lesa Middlebrooks

[email protected]


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